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TLC App.: Miyu Tsukuda by toni48 TLC App.: Miyu Tsukuda by toni48
Name: Miyu Tsukuda

Age: 17

Birthday: August 17

Gender: Female 

Height/Weight: 5'6" / 120 lbs.

Year: 3rd 

Club: Judo 

~Physical Activities
~Eating Sweets
~All sorts of Extreme Rides
~Reading Books
~Playing online games.


~Small Spaces because she's claustrophobic.
~Make Up
~Going to high places because she's afraid of heights.
~Any activities or sports that requires the use of heights.
~The color Pink .


Miyu is a competitive and agrresive kind of person, but she oftenly over do her aggresive side which is the reason why she is sometimes in a fight not only with girls but also with boys. She is a bit boyish since she was after all raised by her father and her brothers, Although her boyish trait is only seen when she is either playing sports or online games. She is also very picky not only in the material things but also when it comes to choosing her friends. She's very athletic as well which makes her physicaly fit. But besides her being aggresive,a bit boysih, and etc... she is still very hard working in both her activities and in studies.  And lastly she is the kind of person who believes in her own abilities which gives her, her self-esteem but just like her agressive side she sometimes over do it.


~Miyu is no extra ordinary person she's just an average teenager. She was born in Osaka, Japan. She is the only girl in her family because her mother is no longer living with them because her mother has another family in Tokyo, so she was raised by her father together with her 5 older brothers. Through her childhood she was exposed to active activities especially to sports thanks to her brothers which are all members of different sports during their college years. She grew up as a very competitive girl competing in various competitions. When she finally reached middle school her family decided to move to Hokkaido, Japan because her father's boss assigned her father to work at the companies branch in Hokkaido.So they had to find her a new school. Luckily they found this school called "Blossom Spring Middle School" which is an all girl school which she considers one of the most terrible experience in her life because during those times that she was studying in that school she was exposed to a totally different universe, a universe where girls would prefer to talk about boys instead of talking about physical activities, a universe where girls would rather do their hairs then do sports, and most especially a universe where they girls put on Make Up every single day which was fine since there was no rule prohibiting the daily use of make up. When she graduated she had to find another school before summer break ends because Blossom Spring had no high school. Fortunately her friend told her that there's this school called ISHIN HIGH SCHOOL which is found near their home so she decided to go their.     

Additional Information:

~She only learned to do girl stuff during her time back at Blossom Spring.
~She is a very outgoing person.
~She loves leading because back at her elementary and middle school years she was elected either President or Vice President.
~Even though she is somehow boyish when it comes to insects she is no different than an average teenage girl.
~She is an NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth) it's not because no boy likes her but it's because she tends to bust them.



RP Methods:

toni48 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 5, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Haha..Thanks ^^, And we shall see XD.
~You could send me a note for the rp :)
Cyube Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014
Awh, she's adorable. I wonder if she'll get along with my Junko..
Guess we'll have to rp and find out ~ ^ ^
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